Popular explosive. Tri Nitro Toluene. Also a fairly popular Nickname, although the only true user of the TNT nickname comes from the Netherlands.
The A-team used TNT to blow stuff up.
Worship the Dutch true TNT.
by TNT November 18, 2004
"Titleless Northwest Town"

A town in the northwest United States that hasn't had any titles or championships since the late 70's and most likely will continue the trend for many, many years to come.
"What do you mean 'no titles'?? Our women's basketball team won one recently!"

"Uhhhh yeahhh.. no one cares about women's basketball. You've been living in that TNT for way too long.."
by DooDooBean August 21, 2013
Team nike train, runnin a train
we bout to have a TNT on dhis bitch !

shes down for the tnt
by my mf name is >!! September 14, 2010
A gang of middle class to upper middle class white men based in Ashland Oregon. All considered elite gentlemen. Only the best of the best belong. Known for there gangbanging, "lets kick that guys ass because he looked at us!" attitude.
-Man we should egg that shitty ass car!
-Naw dude that guy's in tnt, are you asking to die?
by scaredguy20598 November 05, 2007
A really really crappy beer. Tastes like a mixture of moose piss and spring water from the USA. No one buys it because they like it.
Drunk natives on death row don't drink TNT
by T-Bag Dot May 01, 2006

The TV network-TNT-their tagline is "we know drama"
There was so much TNT at the party, that we had to leave
by JeniAngel October 31, 2004
Known among the bodybuilding community as a cycle of steroids consisting of Testosterone and Trenbolone.
"Fuck it, I'm doing a cycle of TnT"
by jimmyr May 22, 2007

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