Throbbing Mattress Kitten-a VERY hot girl-- or slut
You either know one, or fucked one.
by Joe Mattei February 09, 2003
Top Definition
To my knowledge, assuming a conclusion with insufficient data on the subject, and usually creating a doofus out of oneself
1: tmk, creme brulee can be made WITH global warming, hence we should embrace it with open arms, and not alter our use of fossil fuels

2: Mr President, no.
by aurica March 29, 2008
my dad's building company
TMK Custom Home Builders
by muaha July 16, 2004
An indigineous group of bebs
We are all part of TMK.
by el deezy April 14, 2003
Total Mortal Kombat, The Greatest Mortal Kombat website on the Internet.
Have you seen the latest news on TMK Lately?
by Luke August 07, 2004
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