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1. National Missile Defence. A controversial plan to set up a series of interceptor systems to destroy incoming nuclear warheads and render an entire nation safe from missile attack.

2. A virulent curse in Mandarin Chinese, as coined by late Qing Dynasty and early Republic of China writer Lü Xun, who defined the "national curseword" of the Chinese people as "ni ma de", or literally "your mother's ...". Lü Xun never specified what possession or part of the mother is meant, but one can presume it is obscene.

Compare this with TMD and WMD.
1. President Bush: "We intend to ignore Chinese governmental protests, and to go ahead with plans to install a working NMD."

2. President Jiang Zemin: "Well, in that case all I have to say is 'NMD'. And now I'm going to play the piano."
by HMB March 12, 2004
NMD stands for "Nosh my Dick" also used by saying "Nosh my D" or "N my D"
Sometimes mixed up with NMV which means "Nosh my Vagina" or "Nosh my V"

(please see nosh )
Nathan: NMD please?
Eric: Maybe later, bro. There are too many people here.

Evonne: Dude, you just insulted my mother!
Bailey: Got'em! NMD, cuz I don't care >:)
Evonne: What the- !
by Pokebails September 27, 2010
An acronym or abbreviation for "Not my day"
usually interchangeable with "fml"
"How was your math test?"
"Horrible. it's just nmd."
by anonymous1234554321 April 30, 2012
***Used on internet
"I'm going to the movies"
by Smarty Pants March 06, 2003

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