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The formal and enlightened passing of the lighter from comrade to ally to ensure the security of the omnipresent.
->all forms must comply by only using the back of the hand
->any contact external to the hand and lighter will constitute an asterisk, not to be counted for series passing
->one drink is required of the person who is responsible for the lighter touching the ground
->as a result of a miraculous spectacle, a hedgehog, one drink shall be assessed to the next person who drops the pass, with the number of drinks increasing by a multiple of 2 after each successive reception. If a bad pass were attempted, such a shmoe would be assessed half of the drink total.
Twas a long and necessary night of tkaudjmiadtch.

One cannot be missing when it comes to tkaudjmiadtch for patience must reign.
by dexter_aaa January 24, 2009
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