A tattoo on the breast, boobular area. Closely related to the twattoo.
She has a tittoo, I'm trying to read what it says, but I don't wanna look like I'm staring... I bet has a twattoo too.
by Zenaya96 June 20, 2010
Top Definition
A tattoo on the breast region of the body.
Hey, I think that tittoo is her excuse to show people her boob at an otherwise inappropriate moment. You show your friends your tattoo you got in memory of your dead brother and she whips out her titonies.
by Meagan Susan May 24, 2007
A tattoo on a girl's breast. Tit + tattoo = tittoo.
That hot chick has a tittoo of a smiley face.
by RCDIsthebest June 09, 2004
When a woman has a tattoo on one or more of her breasts.
I saw Mary Ann in her bikini top and she had a tittoo. I didn't know she was hot for Yosemite Sam!
by tbullphoto July 30, 2009
A tattoo located on an unattractive, breast usually suffering from the full effects of age, gravity and Virginia Slim cigarettes.
"Man did you see her tittoo? It looked like a relief map of the Himalayas."
by Big Ric February 13, 2009
A tattoo located on one's breast. Most often the tattoo is conspicuous thereby drawing attention to the breast.
Her breast was accentuated by a large butterfly tittoo.
by Bo Slone January 22, 2009
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