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When a woman has a tattoo on one or more of her breasts.
I saw Mary Ann in her bikini top and she had a tittoo. I didn't know she was hot for Yosemite Sam!
by tbullphoto July 30, 2009
Doting on wife
Tim ALWAYS panders to that beautiful wife of his.....he's such a uxorious sap!
by tbullphoto August 01, 2009
When someone has an internet relationship with a person they have never met in real life.
I got pissed when I caught my wife cyberfucking a dork from Albuquerque she met on MySpace
by tbullphoto August 01, 2009
Those gnarly hairs that sometimes sprout around a woman's nipples in the areola area.
I finally got Rachel's clothes off, turned on the light....and her haireola CREEPED me!
by tbullphoto July 30, 2009
Continuing sexual acts after both parties have achieved orgasm thus extending sexual stimulation.
We kept going at it for another 15 minutes after we came.....he gave me some great score play! I think I'll have him back over.
by tbullphoto July 26, 2009
Spiritalution: The slowly growing acceptance of Being One with all that is. Accepting an Innate force of Connectivity and Higher Consciousness and finally getting priorities of self-honesty and sincerity in order. Usually taking place over a number of years and after a few life changing events.
"Did you notice how Tim isn't that much of a jerk anymore? He must have advanced up the Spiritalution ladder."
by tbullphoto October 14, 2009
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