A firm, tight butt on a woman. A combination of the words "tight" and "ass".
Whoa! That girl's butt is simply titastic!
by Herb Spice February 18, 2007
Top Definition
One who is totally well indowed in the tit area, otherwise know as boobs, tits, buggoblies, or melons
Kara was so titastic that her back was permanently hunched, giving her good back door possibilities.
by Billy wanger February 27, 2004

1 - Something that is freakin awesome as compared to huge boobs.
2 - Something that gives you an intense pleasure.
3 - Used to describe a woman with large boobs.
Person 1: That was a great cheeseburger.
Person 2: Yea, it was titastic.

Person 1: Check out the chick.
Person 2: WOAH she is titastic.
by ed the light January 19, 2009
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