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i would liek to correct everyone who ha written a definition for tippin. Tippin is when one side of ur car is lowered so it tips to one side. Hence the name tippin. You guys are thinkin of swangin. THats when you swerve from side to side to show off ur car.
Still Tippin on 4 4's- Slim Thug
by ScottM January 20, 2006
not tweakin, yet not quite trippin.
dude 1: bro you ok?

dude 2: yea man, im only tippin.
by metahoudini January 29, 2012
Irish term for having sex with someone.
Person 1: What about big Dave and Claire? That man needs the ride.

Person 2: Aye, heard he was tippin her the other night.
by little brown gnome April 24, 2009
to cruise or drive in your car.
He was tippin' in his escalade.
by coco139888 February 17, 2005
selling any narcotics on the corner
man we made bout 700 tippin last night
by FLYGIRL22 April 24, 2007
see jockin
To constantly hound, annoy, harass, or suck up to.
Basically when someone won't leave you alone
Man 1 "so dude did you bang Tasha yet?"
Man 2 "No nigga, stop tippin me!"
by cbacarl11 November 30, 2007
Ardee for doing nothing in particular.
Wha' were you doin earlier heigh Patsy?
Ah y'know... a spo ha tippin...
by Brian McKeever August 18, 2006
"Tippin' " means cruising.
You can catch me cruising up the block or catch me tippin' up the block.
by H-town's O.G. February 19, 2006