tippin on 4-4's, or tippin on fo, foes refers to rolling on four 1984(84's) cadillac 30 spoke wire wheels. THIS IS THE ONLY MEANING. MIKE JONES IS TALKING ABOUT ROLLING 4-84'S WRAPPED IN VOGUES(TIRES).
by GWO-HO September 03, 2005
Top Definition
"tippin' is like cruisin'" , 4 4's refers to four 84 rims... 84's are type rim that came out in 1984... 4 vouges meaning wrapped in 4 vouge tires...
Mike Jones song "Still Tippin"
by Pat Dempsey April 28, 2005
Crusing on the 1984 rims (aka first rims ever made) called "vogues"
Still tippin' on four vogues
by \\GiNo// April 28, 2005
Using Hydraulics to put go onto 2 wheels with 22 inch rims.

22 + 22 = 44.
Tippin' on 44s, Wrapped in 44s.

The song by Mike Jones
by Winnie March 06, 2005
(rim size in inches) X ( amount of wheels riding on) = n

22 X 2 = 44
"Still Tippin On 44's" by Mike Jones
by iRey April 08, 2005
Another word for drunk...
but drunk on beers that are usually cheap and come in 44 oz. cans
person 1: hey man i got the sticky green (dub c)
person 2: holy crap man i got those 44's
person 1: holy shiite lets get drunk and have a party
person 2: word (dub c)
by sippin on 44'sss June 03, 2005
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