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Very hip. "in". "Happenin' yo'"
Not a 14th century pike.
"You are vouge dude"
"You calling me a 14th century pike?"
"no no man"
"okay i was this close to telling on you <--->"

The end.
A big, fat, dirty whore, who has some kind of S.T.D.
i was tipping on 4 vouges, they were ugly, and now i have herpes.
by Mikey8983- June 03, 2006
a dance style made by homos for homos, and is probably the most retarded and dumbest looking dances on earth

it blends styles of hip hop and other forms of dance to an electronic beat, to make a mish-mash of ridiculousness like youve never seen
"eyy bro is that guy trying to dance like a chick with epilepsy?"

"no that he's just vouging"

"oh that makes sense, vouge is retarded"
by OrangeChikenSTD February 16, 2009
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