A boat made out of alumium. They usually sit around 5-8 ppl or more. also known as a run-about.
Grab the tinnie and well go out on the water.
We were fishing of the tinnie
by Philly_jo July 23, 2006
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a Tinnie is 1 gram of Mother Nature (Cannabis) Wrapped up in Tinfoil and can be brought for $20 on the underground circut (Hence Tinnie Houses)
aye bro, diz pig just busted me for that tinnie i brought, dang pigs
by brother_number_one July 27, 2003
An individual package of marijuana, wrapped in tin-foil, usually of a 20$ value. Tinnies are sold on the street and through drug dealers in every town or city in New Zealand.
You paid 25$ for your tinnie, Bro you got ripped
by billabongnz October 13, 2008
a 375mL aluminium beer can
pass us another tinnie mate, i'm as dry as a dead dingo's donger
by Gazza March 24, 2003
(n) A piece of aluminum foil that is folded in such a way that it can be used as a pipe. In one episode of The Chapelle's Show, Dave Chapelle is seen smoking PCP out of one, but usually they are used to smoke weed. They are normally used when nothing else can be found.
Yo, you got a bowl.
Nothing to smoke out of?
Guess we'll have to use a tinnie.
by T-wit-it July 15, 2005
8 foot aluminium boat
we went out fishing in the tinnie last weekend and sunk a couple of cartons of piss
by Gazza March 24, 2003
a scally term used to describe any can of alcohol, usually cheap lager or safeways supersaver cider
also see scally and townie
Townie: "boy, gimme a tinnie"
by John Greenfield May 21, 2004
Hard rock music as in Dio,Guns N Roses,Motley Crue,Ozzy,
AC/DC,Blue Oyster Cult,and etc. that hurts moms that love soft rock such as Fleetwood Mac,Elton John,Minutemen,Police,
Foreigner,Journey,Genesis,and etc. that sounds as if it was played with speakers made out of a tin can.
My mom says Blue Oyster Cult is 2 tinnie...
Well if I can't hear guitar than it ain't good...
by SuperBoosterHunter1 December 31, 2010

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