Hard rock music as in Dio,Guns N Roses,Motley Crue,Ozzy,
AC/DC,Blue Oyster Cult,and etc. that hurts moms that love soft rock such as Fleetwood Mac,Elton John,Minutemen,Police,
Foreigner,Journey,Genesis,and etc. that sounds as if it was played with speakers made out of a tin can.
My mom says Blue Oyster Cult is 2 tinnie...
Well if I can't hear guitar than it ain't good...
by SuperBoosterHunter1 December 31, 2010
a self made bole/bowl for marijuanna made from tin foil.
stoner 1: dude dhat tinnie u made got me zooted!
stoner 2: word up yo.
by istayhigh504 November 03, 2008
A boat made out of alumium. They usually sit around 5-8 ppl or more. also known as a run-about.
Grab the tinnie and well go out on the water.
We were fishing of the tinnie
by Philly_jo July 23, 2006
a tinnie is a small cheap pipe made from tin foil used to smoke the cannabis plant.
throw that fucking tinny away and take out the bowl...
by BottleFullOfRain July 01, 2005
Derogatory term for a native of Australia or New Zealand.
How is your tinnie friend doing?
Screw that place, it's packed with tinnies.
Get out fo my face, you tinnie.
by Nicola November 12, 2003

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