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3 definitions by T-wit-it

Aderrol pill(s) that are popped or snorted to achieve a feeling of euphoric happiness.
Marco: You got that addi for me?
Dealer: yea i got 120 mgs right here.
by T-wit-it July 15, 2005
(n) A piece of aluminum foil that is folded in such a way that it can be used as a pipe. In one episode of The Chapelle's Show, Dave Chapelle is seen smoking PCP out of one, but usually they are used to smoke weed. They are normally used when nothing else can be found.
Yo, you got a bowl.
Nothing to smoke out of?
Guess we'll have to use a tinnie.
by T-wit-it July 15, 2005
(n) A slang word used for weed. This was made up so that friends could talk about weed in the presence of teachers or family members.
(v) Also used to mean "Smoking weed"
(n) You got bagel for tonight?
(v) You tryin' to bagel after school?
by T-wit-it July 15, 2005