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BigA - having a rather large penis which is usefull for getting really hot chicks to marry you.
Hi, my name is BigA. Will you marry me?
by BigBoy June 11, 2004
When you fuck a girl from behind, pull out and bust between her ass cheeks and mash them together.
That cunt didn't want me to bust in her, so I gave her a mayonaise sandwich
by BigBoy June 07, 2004
a great eruption, typically fronm the penis, causing a flow of lava (cum)
im gonna explode like vesuvius baby
by bigboy March 02, 2004
otherwise known as tinkoff, is small and weasily who likes it up the butt, and when i say he likes it up the butt he really likes it up the butt, he'll stick pineapples, canelopes, watermelons and even one time i saw him stick a rather large squirrel up there, i could tell he liked that(tinkerbell not the squirrel) to sum up small and unusual, to say the least
Tinkerbell is up in the trees playing with the squirrels again.
by BigBoy October 21, 2003
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