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The act of rubbing ones penis in rapid strokes on the woman's clitoris
That bitch needed some tinkerbelling before I thrusted my meat into her...
by Anonymous April 07, 2003
tinkerbelling is when you dress your penis up in a small tutu and attach little butterfly wings to them. you then let it hang out of your jeans while you go shopping.
Sorry man, I can't hang out today. I have to pick up the kids and go tinkerbelling for some new tires at bergeys.
by shagablorft March 24, 2011
The act of ejaculating in your partners face and throwing glitter on them
There were stains and glitter everywhere after Todd had been tinkerbelling his girlfriend last night
by Pappa420 January 21, 2015
When a woman assesses the size of her ass in a mirror when she thinks noone is looking...a la the mirror scene with Tinkerbell in Disney's Peter Pan.
That chick is totally Tinkerbelling over there in the display window. You know, her ass does look big in those jeans...
by dionyses101 October 04, 2007
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