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to belong to
Is them tings yours a?
by ramb January 26, 2009
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Yet another example of tin-eared rappers butchering the english language... and everyone lapping it up
moron: we doin' big tings bro
moron's friend: ye wurd up massif to erryone in da hiz haus boh! boh! boh!
by felix c March 27, 2007
21 20
a word that can replace a object, action or question
im going to go do ting

please pass the ting

by leelum22 April 05, 2011
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Ting means 'Sexual Favours'. People can have 'tings', meaning that they give each other sexual favours. It can also be used as a saying, shortened from things, but still giving the impression towards sexual influences.
Boy: Hey, what you up to tonight?

Girl: Nothing, got a free house, fancy coming over for some tings?

Boy: Lets do this ting!
by It Ends Here. June 06, 2010
13 13
Pretty lady
by Anonymous September 07, 2003
29 29
A Ting is a text that is composed of songs lyrics, thus being a textual way of singing, coined Tinging.
I'll just ting my girlfriend some marvin gaye lyrics. bitches loves marvin gaye.
by TiffanyBizkit January 03, 2011
14 15
ting (adj): oblivious to the outside world
Chris is ting and didn't return phone calls while in the Williams bubble.
by Franklin D. Brosevelt October 15, 2010
6 7