A word commonly used to describe one's emotion towards a person which they feel that they may be developing strong feelings or a crush for only they are unsure.
I do not love Pat, nor do I feel I have a crush. It's just a little ting. I seem to be thinking about Pat a lot lately however I am unsure of my feelings. I would not rule out the possibility of something happening between us should Pat initiate it.
by Adora S. Buonopane November 15, 2008
Ting means 'Sexual Favours'. People can have 'tings', meaning that they give each other sexual favours. It can also be used as a saying, shortened from things, but still giving the impression towards sexual influences.
Boy: Hey, what you up to tonight?

Girl: Nothing, got a free house, fancy coming over for some tings?

Boy: Lets do this ting!
by It Ends Here. June 06, 2010
Slang associated with Magic: The Gathering players. Originally short for "beatings" tings has come to refer to anything that is good or will help you win a game of Magic. See also mise and the webpage www.misetings.com.
Razor Golem is tings.
by Ronfar June 25, 2004
Any embedded foreign object or small growth needed to be removed from your skull via non-invasive outpatient surgery.
The Dr. had to remove a "ting" he got by playing with his pellet gun, it's not so bad it was only a few stitches.
by Deeconchested January 15, 2013
The best soft drink in the world. Like Lilt but actually made with Jamaican grapefruit.

Favourite drink of ex 6music dj George Lamb.
Guy 1: Right now I'm nutty for Ting.
Guy 2: Oh yeah, it smacks of win. Lilt is proper wooden.
by andTing August 21, 2010
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