Jamaican term used for any erotic act which falls short of sex it self. It includes kissing, feeling up (heavy petting) and grinding (to wine or grind or girate on each other). Some people include fingering as a part of tings, while others consider it apart of sex, along with oral sex, and intercourse.
1)Girl 1: did David sleep with Janet?
Girl 2: No, they only had tings.

2)Sheree: Where did you and Dwayne disappear to at the party last night?
Dayna: we were off having tings!
by Frasted Nubianess August 13, 2007
sexual favours
dan got his tings last night
by michelle November 02, 2003
can mean a gun, knife, weed, coke, e's, crack, girl.... has to be seen in contens to see wich meaning it is carrying out.
naa bladd draw 4 the ting!

u got the ting?

i NEED a ting ryt noww

u gna get wiv tht mixrace ting?
naa man im onit iwv the white ting wiv the blonde hair/ blonde ting
by sagi deeeeeeeep May 16, 2007
a pretty girl
the word ting in the chinese language means slim, graceful and elegant. it refers to a pretty girl.

you would say 'that pretty girl is ting.'
by loltalkerhey January 14, 2012
to belong to
Is them tings yours a?
by ramb January 26, 2009
A word commonly used to describe one's emotion towards a person which they feel that they may be developing strong feelings or a crush for only they are unsure.
I do not love Pat, nor do I feel I have a crush. It's just a little ting. I seem to be thinking about Pat a lot lately however I am unsure of my feelings. I would not rule out the possibility of something happening between us should Pat initiate it.
by Adora S. Buonopane November 15, 2008
I tinged
by Ting123 April 16, 2015

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