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Different human specie that was just discovered. Characteristics of a tine would be if they are really cute and thats pretty much all
My sister and brother are tines.
by Mark Gajowski April 13, 2007

1. Someone who is an amazing friend.

2. Someone who is beautiful & Gorgeous on the inside and out.

3. Someone who laughs at everything.

4. Someone who is supportive and inspiring.

5. Someone who is creative and artistic.

6. Someone who is the best best friend & family.

7. Someone who is fun to be around.

8. Someone who is simply the best person anyone could ever have the privilege of knowing.
You are acting so Hazel right now!
I don't know what I would do with out tine here.
by simplexoxo March 30, 2012
1. A shortened version of Valentine.
2. Your most precious possession.
Rachel is my tine.
by Flamer456 February 03, 2009
to be used in conjunction with the word "sexy"; or in place of "sexy time." Means to have sexual relations; make out; do it.
It's sexy tine.
Let's go have tine.
by NickiNick February 28, 2008
(1) Slang for the dietary suppliment: Creatine. (2)Tine can be used to fill in any noun or verb.
(1)Me- You flexin?
Zack- Course I'm flexin, I'm on the tine.

(2)You need to tine your shoes, they are untied.
by Fat Joey September 10, 2006
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