a very small amount of something
it's ok i'm not high
i only smoked a tincture of pot
by >>>!!!<<< January 07, 2009
Top Definition
Tinture (Tin-shure) Is an amber to dark green liquid, (alchol) that has been used to melt the thc crystals off pot.Users put drops under their tounge or even take shots.
We made tincture from our plant clippings.
by soundrone October 04, 2006
1. Someone or something (in a verb/present tense) that has tinctures or tincturates (acronym) in a sudden or profuse fashion; also known as tincturing.

2. To stain or tint with a color.

3. To infuse, as with a quality; impregnate.
I consider you the greatest tincture in the world.

Do you want to go to a tincture and a tincture. It'll be tinctureful.

You're such a bully. It tinctures me to see you this way.

You need to stop being so tincture all the time. And I think someone tinctured over your backyard.
by pr1nceal1 August 23, 2006
a small cut on the anal sphincter causing or relating to tinctures (must be used in the omnipotent tense only)
my tinctures are bleeding.

please do not touch my tinctures because they are very painful.

He is a tincture and has tinctures and therefore it would be uncommon for him to enjoy tincturating.
by Ali Turabi August 25, 2006
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