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Tinture (Tin-shure) Is an amber to dark green liquid, (alchol) that has been used to melt the thc crystals off pot.Users put drops under their tounge or even take shots.
We made tincture from our plant clippings.
by soundrone October 04, 2006
The small close leaves next to the buds where crystals of t.h.c. form on a pot plant. Generaly seperated from water leaf to make keif or bubble hash.
At harvest seperating the water leaf from the sugar leaf produces a much better hash.
by soundrone October 10, 2006
The large classic pot plant leaf. Not very affective to smoke. Generally thrown away.
Look at this huge water leaf I cut off my plant.
by soundrone October 04, 2006
your balls,ya know your nuts
I will kick you right in the peach sack!
by soundrone October 10, 2006
Peace The Fuck Out
hey man ptfo ,I will talk to you later
by soundrone April 30, 2010
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