Tin Man derives from the element Tin symbol Sn which stands for Some Nigger.

A name for white people to call niggers in code language so they don't get shot, stabbed, raped, etc.
Hey have you seen the Tin Man that the Broncos just drafted? Holy Shit!
by Steve Jacksons 5 November 04, 2010
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someone without a heart.
if you can hear this little girl sing, and not smile you are the tin man.
by Jesse Colburn January 06, 2008
one with no heart
Aaron Brooks is an athletic QB but in the nolia he's known as the tin man
by joose January 22, 2004
one with osteoporosis like qualities, uses lubricants instead of water to hydrate, A man with a dead prawn-like pinky finger, a poor conversationalist.
Kevin, the tin man, is terrible at fantasy football.
by 123bootcare October 19, 2014
A cop or police officer. Is called so because his/her badge looks like it is made out of tin. A reference can be found in the movie "last action hero" with arnold scharzenegger
bad guy: "...who wants to know?"
arnold: ""the tin man ( holds up badge)"
badguy: " well, why dont you hit the bricks tin man"
arnold: " there not the right color"
by walker538 June 14, 2007
Of or pertaining to a skeet shot directed towards a bodily crevice other than the norm (i.e. jizzing in the kneepit, elbowpit, or a special spooging into the nape of the neck).
I tinmanned my date at the prom, and she was pissed!
by The Dot May 16, 2004
The type of guy that dates a girl, talking about a relationship, but stops calling after sex.
Because after you bang him you find he has no heart.
"That guy I was dating is such a tinman I have not heard from him in a week."
by madman50007 July 27, 2013

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