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imma talk to teh lady I liek :D" -walks up to her but is too shy and doesnt talk so walks away- "I'm such a timid pussy :("
by RobertsdaleAnon May 18, 2011
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In urban driving, a driver who is generally afraid of the road and creates unnecessary traffic jams. Timid drivers slow down instead of accelerating when changing lanes or merging. They annoyingly yield even when they have the right-of-way, under the misimpression that this is polite. They create confusing situations by sending mixed signals due to their lack of confidence. Timid drivers turn a simple merge into a mess.
1. Thanks to the timid driver in front of me, I now have to merge onto the freeway at 30mph. Thanks, timid driver!

2. All timid drivers are creepers, but unfortunately not all creepers are timid. You can just go around timid creepers, but those creepers who aren't timid will get right in front of you and then go 20mph.
by Boston Driver April 13, 2013
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The baby was too timid to venture into the water.
by monkeybord September 04, 2005
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like Mitch Grice
To have mitch like qualitys.
Mitch Grice is really timid.
by Secretjew May 27, 2010
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Too Insanely Much Immature Drama

can pertain to any situation whereby an excessive level of unnecessary drama is being created, instigated, fueled, encouraged or desired.
There was TIMID going on at that party in Manhattan last month and it reminded me of a midday soap opera but instead casted and directed by young adolescents.
by CNNq&a August 09, 2010
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