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(v.) to ream someone with some solid timber; to fuck her silly.
Guy 1- "You trying to drink some Bud tonight."
Guy 2- "No, I'm gonna be timbering my slutfriend."
Guy 1- "Send her my condolences."
Guy 2- "No remorse, bro. Grow a pair."
by Da Sperminator March 15, 2011
52 6
The act of planking on your backside with a boner. when you lay down in any place with your boner facing strqaight up to the sky.
-The man was timbering in the middle of the sidewalk
-while timbering my tree started to fall down
by mojoman449988231 September 20, 2011
11 4
The act of climbing up a tree, standing or felled, with the goal of ascending to its top. Generally done without the assistance of any equipment, analogous to bouldering and buildering. Challenging routes may be added to increase the difficulty of the climb, especially when competing with a friend.

Can be done any where from the trees in a city park to the cleaned out root ball of a stump washed up on shore.
Man, all the rocks out here suck!
Well, we could always go timbering.
by Samanthuel March 30, 2010
2 2