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Any asian kid that is sexy and cool.
That asian sure is cool, he must be tien.
by YokkleMovie June 27, 2006
That one guy from Dragonball Z that has an extra third eye on his forehead.
Girl 1: Like OMG Tien was totally checking me out with his third eye!

Girl 2: Ugh, you lucky biatch!
by candyland717 July 10, 2008
A boy who is ruthless with his words, always like to say it how it is. When you're around him, you feel uneasy but his smile just makes you want to hug him forever. Body of a beetole, but careful! He is not afraid to take you on!
A sexy creature, who is loyal once he knows you are on his side. Loved by many if you know him well, and is the shy book worm type, a bit selfish but will give you sections of the newspaper to share. But beware he may have sweaty hands!
Tien says: If I say I'm going do it then I will, actions speak louder than words.

Awww Tien you so coote!
by Tinkabeetole September 08, 2010
To Cum on someone's face and make it look like they have a third eye.
Samantha: girl I sucked Jimmy's dick last night and

Sarah: Let me guess he tiened on you?

Samantha: yeah how'd you know?

Sarah: He told me.
by Trapgodphilly January 22, 2014
(T-en) verb. to disable your facebook for temporary purposes to focus on academics
person 1: hey whore-iness! you deleted your facebook! is this temporary for you to focus on finals?

person 2: yeah. i'm pulling a tien
by memymo79 December 22, 2008
one cool ass mofo that lives in kenzo
dat nigkah tien is da shizznit
by qwerty December 16, 2004
having flagrant homosexual tendencies
For a guy with a girlfriend, he sure is tien.
by Dan January 25, 2004
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