(V.) The act of smoking marijuana;To blaze the chronic;To toke some smoke;To chief;To rip bowls.
"Yo, let's go tickle after practice."

"I just tickled an hour ago, but I'm ready to blaze if you got chronic."
by BuddhaKnows November 02, 2009
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to touch someone lightly in certain regions that causes peculiar sensations, reflexive movements, involuntary laughter
Maria tickled the bottoms of Brett's feet and made him laugh out loud
by Marty October 16, 2003
A way of touching someone causing immediate pleasure and delight that is acceptable in public and in front of family
Mike enjoys ticking Kerri because he can do it anywhere and she laughs and screams.

Kerri likes to tickle Mike and to be tickled when there is family is around because it is an 'ok' way of being all over eachother.
by Kerri December 10, 2004
One of the worst forms of torture. Can cause uncontrollable screaming, convulsions, loss of bladder control, inability to breath, and sobbing.
George tickled the bottom of my feet so much that I started crying
by Zetazglobin February 23, 2011
To very lightly move your fingers aganst someone's SKIN, causing them plesure!
Tickle, Ticle Little Feet!:)
by Mooveerich May 13, 2008
Fuck Off
Person 1: "Her eyebrows are shit"
Person 2: "you're not wanted here"
Person 1: "I don't care"
Person 2: "Tickle cunt, no one wants you here"
by TickleBitch February 26, 2015
To have a quick go of something.

To make a small start on a task.
"I'm just going to go on the computer and have a quick tickle."

Her: "Have you cleaned out the garage yet?"

Him: "No, but I've given it a tickle".

"I've got to sort out my finances - I'll give them a tickle later."

by TheWeirdnessSymposium April 19, 2009

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