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small bugs that get stuck on your skin
I walked through the field and got ticks all over me.
by Bellalovesyou July 10, 2008
Slang: Northwest England, Particularly Liverpool and surrounding areas.

A form of Credit, Hire Purchase.

Usually issued without prior credit check, by drug dealers etc.

Normally used to buy drugs without cash upfront.

(Possibly refers to names being ticked off a list?, though most people wouldn't have an actual written list)
"Do us tick mate?"

"Fuck off you prick"
by urban111 November 03, 2006
A person capable of being self-sufficiant that chooses to live off of the American welfare sytem, thus sucking the financial blood of the American taxpayer dry.
Half of the damn country. "She can afford a smart phone, a nice car, a tanning bed, to have her hair and nails done, but she needs an EBT card to buy candy and soda. What a tick!"
by Getajobassholes April 30, 2013
Substitution for a wide range of cuss words.

Can be altered to: ticker or ticking.

Can also be used as an adjective, to describe someone or something you may dislike.
"What a stupid ticking tick!"

"You're such a ticking tick, you're ticking me off!"

"ya dumb tick"

"I hate this ticking teacher, he's so ticking boring"

In a situation where you have lost your car keys, some possible responses could be:
"Holy tick!" or "Ticker!"
by Jeppie&Pelsey May 14, 2009
A volunteer firefighter who hangs out at a paid fire station and wants to try to be one of the "career guys"
Man i wish these damn ticks would stop trying to ride the rigs they aint worth shit.
by fire 238 February 20, 2009
A short form for "tickets"
Did you happen to get ticks for the game tonight?
by j-bone616161 October 19, 2007
To be in the preparation stages or considering the consumption of alcohol - before you "tock"....tick tock wine o'clock....
by Tocker September 20, 2013