To get some playing time in a sports game.
That dude is garbage. He gets no tick.
by Ryan December 08, 2003
good looking, buff, beautiful.
Guy 1: Hey dude, check that girl out over there, she is soo tick.

Guy 2: i know she is like the tickest girl ive ever seen.

Guy 1: watch me get her number

Guy 1: Hey there.

Girl 1: Hey your cute, heres my number call me sometime.
by Thom aka Gorn August 28, 2006
A dude that lives in South Dakota. He's lived in the same house his whole life, but he thinks he'll live somewhere else someday. He is familiar to and very much enjoys the local social scene.
1. Yo, Tick just walked in!
2. What's up Tick?!
Tick. You know, just chillin!
by TwoTone27 July 27, 2006
a type of bug or insect
i can't believe you morons don't know what a tick is! Damn it, society has really went down the drain. i won't be surprised if you assholes give my def. a thumbs down
by this website is ruined December 13, 2005
Emerging slang substitute for 'Jew' among both left and right intellectuals of the "post-internet Jew-consciousness renaissance."
"With AIPAC, JINSA, Wolfowitz, Perle, Chertoff and the impending impossible-to-blame-on-oil Iran war, everybody with two brain cells to rub together is starting to realize that the ticks run this show."
by Mordechai Lipshitz June 06, 2007
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