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one of those friends of yours that when around you they act like ya'll are best friends. when not around you they ignore you, one word you, talk shit, don't give a fuck about the friendship, but still call you their best friend.
godddd she is such a bitchy friend to her, why do they even still call each other friends.
#bitch #bitchy #friend #bitchiness #fucking bitch
by woahdog August 19, 2009
a person that is constantly rifling through your shit, getting into your business, and annoying the shit out of you.
she rifled through my room, damn tick
#tick #rifling #annoying #bitch #flea
by woahdog August 19, 2009
1) name you call close friends in a joking manor
2) someone that really pisses you off to an extreme
3) a friend that you hate
damn flea rats, always rifling through my shit
#flea #rat #bitch #friend #hate
by woahdog August 19, 2009
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