to make someone really mad
She really ticks me off when she flirts with my man
by jennifer March 11, 2005
Country, Rural, or Southern "gentleman" that stalks you at a bar conviced YOU want them, while wearing clothing that is not age appropriate or attractive to the opposite sex. Directly related to the "Afflicted" Species of males.
Has also been known to cause Lyme Disease if prolonged eye contact is made, symptoms include the TICK attaching himself to you and your group for an indefinate amount of time. No known cure.
"OMG, look at that TICK with the sock in his wranglers staring at us!"
by Cupcake McLovin August 26, 2008
A snare player on drumline that plays so off, there's a ticking noise.
Who's the tick on drumline?
by Duo Jet September 28, 2006
Amazingly tiny dick.
I broke up with my boyfriend cause he had a tick.
by iTzLOL October 25, 2008
Any one of a number of bloodsucking parasites formerly identified as my lover, companion or priest.
I spent the better part of the morning in downtowns Third Circuit Court having a tick removed.
by Kilgore Delanie November 21, 2003
To show that you're ready to play online in Dawn of War.
Tick in you fucking noob! Its the green checkbox on the right!
by Canderous March 06, 2006
To get some playing time in a sports game.
That dude is garbage. He gets no tick.
by Ryan December 08, 2003

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