a drink made with red bull and orange stolichnaya "orange stoli" vodka.

tastes just like an orange tic tac.

1-2 shots vodka per can of red bull.
"We got so drunk last night! I got the Red Bull, he got the Stoli, and we drank Tic Tacs all night long!"
by Emily V. November 02, 2006
A movement often used in Parkour, simply jumping off the wall but at great speed and good angle, used to get onto or over obsticals (which can include people, animals, walls, poles, etc), usually used to get up and onto a wall.
"This is the place where you were chased that one day by that crazy guy, and if you beat him up you'd get in trouble, remember!" Jackal said. Alex strained for the memory, and then it came to him,
"I remember now! I did that Tic Tac over there to get over him, and did a little wall run over there to get up there-" Alex said pointing to places around the school, "And then I climbed up there to the roof, boy was that guy shocked!"
by Zsky2 May 26, 2006
A penis in which is so white, tiny, and chode-like, that it resembles a Tic-Tac.
Kid 1: Did you see hunter pull down caden malone's pants in weight training?
Kid 2: Yeah, he's got a little Tic-Tac penis!
by The_Coon_3893 August 20, 2010
a skateboard manuever after a trick where you push down on the tail to turn your board a little bit most people do this after a hard trick and they didnt have alot of balance after landing on it
"Dude nice 360 flip next time try not to tic tac though
by Jaco Aber August 07, 2010
1. Female testicles. Also known as those little Bartholin Glands found on the labia. Some are bigger than others, just like male testicles.
My boss can suck my tic tacs!
by angdue414 April 15, 2013
slang term used as a substitute for white morphine pills.
"Yo guess wat man, i just got a bottle of tic tacs!"
by Tymebom October 24, 2007
tactics in any competitive situation
"You ain't shit, you got no tic tacs"
"I got the tic tacs"
by The Blake June 15, 2007
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