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1. Mint
2. Extremely small breasts.
1. You need a tic tac, your breath stinks!
2. Jaysus, she's a right tic-tac!
by Ash February 16, 2005
when a male has a rather small genital area (a.k.a. his peniz).
"BRO! i heard from sha-queque that JaRome has a Tic-Tac!!! =/ DANG IT, I WAS READY TO BANG IT!!!"
by Jo and Lex :] April 03, 2008
to wander from a needed storyline; to ramble aimlessly; a reference to Paulie Bleeker's love for Orange Tic tacs in Juno.
"I was talking to someone and they starting rambling and i said "THOSE ARE JUST TIC TACS GO ON WITH THE STORY!""
by Karsea March 19, 2008
slang term for X.
as in....x-stacy...
Joe, lemme get some tic tacs befo' we go to da club.

Err body in da club wit some tic tacs...

Hide the tic tacs! Po-po is comin'!!!
by bgirl November 24, 2004
Essentially, wise thinking, or good tactics. An Anagram, often used as a compliment to the victor of a mind duel (Argument).
-At a vital moment of a pool match-

Person A - "don't go for the pot, its just too risky, maybe try and snooker him"

Person B - "Good tic-tac's"
by Daniel & Robert April 19, 2009
Moving the nose of a skateboard to either the left or the right by shifting your weight onto the back of the board, and popping the nose up in short hops. A beginner move used to change directions.
"Josh tic tacs to swerve and miss an oncoming car.
by Sk8er mom September 13, 2007
a drink made with red bull and orange stolichnaya "orange stoli" vodka.

tastes just like an orange tic tac.

1-2 shots vodka per can of red bull.
"We got so drunk last night! I got the Red Bull, he got the Stoli, and we drank Tic Tacs all night long!"
by Emily V. November 02, 2006