A totally pretentious way of saying that a fact will follow or has preceded a statement. Typically used so a writer can sound more intelligent than they actually are.
Thus, Luke Skywalker defeated his father in a lightsaber duel and Anakin Skywalker threw the Emperor down the reactor shaft of the Death Star, thus ending the tyranny of the Empire, thus setting the stage for the New Republic.
by Tommyt June 27, 2007
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1. (used to introduce a logical conclusion) from that fact or reason or as a result
2. In the way indicated
"Thus, I rebuke"
by anonymous July 17, 2003
A charming tiny lady, usually very friendly and always smiling.
She always gets invited because she's such a thu!
by Jynder March 27, 2011
A female Vietnamese name that's only benefit (or not) is a life time of lame number two jokes.
Teacher: "Hey Thu, where's three and four?! *laughs at own joke*"
Thu: *glares*
by sasclamoo December 22, 2009
Somebody amazingly beautiful. She makes me so love drunk it is hard not to think about her every second. I love looking into her eyes when we talk, or when her touch ecstatics me. Her hugs are so warm and cuddly, I wish it can last forever. Her smile lights up the room all around. She can make me so happy mentally everyday even if I don't show it to her part of the day physically. And her personality is just, perf! She is smart and caring and loving and nice and funny and just all around gorgeous. She may not see how amazing she is, but I tell her the truth since she is. She is my definition of being imperfectly perfect. It interests me how she hangs with me when I'm worthless in the end. But one thing is for sure... She is real, and I love her for who she is.
"I don't know how but Thu makes me feel like I am in Neverland..."
by ThePastelFoxFromNeverland September 02, 2013
The most awesome person in the world. Known for her super cool ninja skills, and her ability to fly. She's a pimp and a gangsterr but hellaa short. Oh, and if it is one thing you must not do..do not feed her spam. She will instantly have a fatal nosebleed, and faint. Oh, one last thing..she's fat and needs to lose weight.
"yeah, she's hella pimp huh?
by nelsonfersure April 23, 2008
it's like when you did a goog thing you deserve a "thu". Also is a way to sau congratulations.
"men I upload my hig score in temple run to 16.000.000"

by semzema February 11, 2013

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