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*thurrahs also are known as "flathead" and will answer to "duck".
an example would be.

Hey Flathead?


I ordered the budlight

Yo, I feel dat.


Im out flathead.
by Jacoleen February 06, 2005
thurrah is the name of anyone named "Sara(h)"~ they are said to adore sleep whenever and wherever!
Physical Characteristics:
left eye squints when they smile
one ear is bigger then the other-aka "satellite dish"
commonly are recovering alcoholics
when they get tired, they develop the "toothsmile"
When extremely tired, their eyes start to water, which makes for a VERY hilarious laugh 4 everyone else in the room.
they snore and talk in their sleep

On a lighter note,at Thanksgiving, they are a human vacuum for the leftover food:)

and that concludes the fascinating life of the THurrAhs.
Upon entering a room,the crowd said "Thurrah is Hurrah.":
by Jacoleen January 23, 2005
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