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A vagina with a very strong and disturbing smell.
Man when I pull them pants down, I got a whiff of that thundercat.
by ojdajuiceboy April 07, 2009
4 8
the combination of diareah and vomiting at the same time while sitting on the toilet.
"Whoa, I had a shitty night driniking and I'm feeling a Thundercat coming on"

" I think I will be Thundercating all night"
by Dick Morehead October 28, 2008
1 6
A big girl you see at the bar that has a huge ass and tight jeans, most likely with a pretty face, that is ready for a good time.
Whoa! check out that thundercat on the dance floor! I bet she'd ride me hard and put me away wet!
by TTTMoney December 23, 2007
4 11
known for their sex appeal and ability to make a party, they are a must have at every drinking event


all about the good times
thundercats Members Brandon Barker, Aaron Lewis, Jake Fricker, Britney Milroy, Nicole Crane, Joel hardin, Paul Serafini, Derek Noel, Stephen Louis, Dillan Adams, Timmy, Kyle Nicklaw, and Bullfrog
by lsakjdf;lsdjfds March 02, 2009
18 36
Bunch of panzies that can't play handball
"Those handball players r worse than Thunder cats!"
by That Guy whos good at handball December 13, 2008
4 28
high quality marijuana / some chronic
I bought a bag of some of that thundercat
by stk March 30, 2005
13 40
one word: FRAN!
nha's fran is the ultimate thunder cat!
by Marni May 22, 2004
13 45