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The sexual act of creating static electricity, and then touching a female's genitalia.
"After Gary gave Stacy that Thunder Cat, her pubes stood up on end for days!".
by Butterman505 December 08, 2009
The next phase of a Cougar. aka Super Couger
Jack, you see the couger? She wants you!
Tom, that's no couger, she a Thunder Cat, HOOO!!!
by Denver Tank April 08, 2009
Thundercat: the youngest people in a group
"Shall we invite the Thundercats to my mate Daves patry?"

"Nah they know nothing about Led Zep, best leave the Thundercats at home"
by Stoling Rone March 21, 2010
Taken from the theme song to the 80's cartoon of the same name, a term used to refer to a "loose" girl. Note the lyrics to the Thundercats theme song:

Thundercats are on the loose
Thundercats are loose

Yeah, that girl is thundercats.
by Brendan Mighty April 24, 2006
when a Hollins University female pounces on an unsuspecting Hampden-Sydney College male & interact in all sexual endeavors.
thundercats unite!
by thundercat101 April 19, 2011
A lady that is more than double your age that shows sexual interest in you.
Madonna is a thundercat as her lover is less than half her age
by Robotron C March 17, 2011
A term used to describe a person that is extra ordinary in seeking the truth in a humorous way. A person said to be a "Thunder Cat" is one of street smarts, wise to the ways of doing things, and can quickly unmask untruths.
I can't pull anything on this guy...He is such a "Thunder Cat"
by T. Cat 205 December 01, 2010