A funny word for a woman's vagina.
"How far did you get with Betty last night?"
"Let's just say her thunderbox and I are now good friends"
"Score dude. Cause I understand that the word 'thunderbox' means 'vagina'!"
by David H Friedman August 27, 2005
Top Definition
A toilet
This is Australian slang
It is called a thunderbox because sometimes when you go to the loo you fart, and it sounds like thunder. I don't think I have to explain the box part.
Ah that felt good! I did a big one in the thunderbox just now! Boy it smells!
by Guang September 18, 2005
A box built for shitting in. Often found on campsite grounds.
I really let loose with a storm of poop on the thunderbox.
by Graham February 01, 2004
restroom,or toilet
"I have a horrible case of the runs,could you please direct me to the thunderbox."
by fuad ramses January 30, 2004
A portable chemical toilet.
Evelyn Waugh, *Men at Arms*:

"Well if you *must* know, it's my Thunderbox."
"May I see it?" he asked reverently.
"I don't see why not," said Apthorpe. "As a matter of fact I think it will interest you; it's pretty neat, a type they don't make any more. Too expensive, I suppose."
He went to the cupboard and dragged out the treasure, a brass bound, oak cube.
"It's a beautiful piece of work really."
He opened it, showing a mechanism of heavy cast-brass and patterned earthenware of solid Edwardian workmanship. On the inside of the lid was a plaque bearing the embossed title *Connolly's Chemical Closet*.
"I got it from a High Court Judge, the year they put drains into the Government buildings at Karonga. Gave him five pounds for it. I doubt if you could find one for twenty to-day. There's not the craftsmanship any more."
by isaac32767 July 29, 2010
An Aussie slang word for W.C or bog for the less educated
Where's David? Can't you hear he's in the thunder box
by paul May 07, 2005
a portable toilet. this type though is usually found in countries where maximum daytime temperature exceeds 50 Degrees Celsius!!! I.E Kuwait. you sit there dripping with sweat, and suffocating in the hot felicities smelling air. one of the least pleasant experiences on the planet. but totally unavoidable if you are suffering with illnesses such as the "Kuwaiti Crud"
oh no, i think its going to have to be thunderbox time again!!! wish me luck...
by stakzent August 14, 2011
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