Top Definition
Masterbating while taking a shit
dude my phone fell in the toilet while I was doing the thumpkin
by bulwinkle April 04, 2007
A more powerful blumpkin; a blumpkin with 'a little more umph.' A quickly and fiercely delivered blumpkin, often resulting in massive amounts of shit water and semen splatter with heavy collateral.
1. So my girl sat me down on the john and we proceeded to experiment with a blumpkin. It went downhill from there and I ended up getting more of a thumpkin than anything else. By the end of it, us and the whole god-damned bathroom was covered in shit and cum.

2. Yeaup, so I pressured Lisa into giving me a blumpkin the other day... bad idea. Instead I got a massive thumpkin that blew out the lights and shattered my mirror. The toilet's fucked too.
by mcautistic April 06, 2013
when somebody gives a man a blowjob while playing call of duty.
Yo, yesterday i was playing cod and my girlfriend gave me a thumpkin
by The Tuck March 03, 2011
one who is being a ass
dum thumpkin
by Monkey Man April 07, 2003
Recieving head while taking a shit
My high school lacrosse coach told us of the thumpkin his girlfriend gave him.
by Exit30six November 24, 2003
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