What computer geeks call a USB mass storage device]. It is shorthand for thumb drive
hey what's that hanging around your neck?

that's my thumb,dude

dude, your thumb?!?!

yeah, thumb drive
by Snikkrrs May 02, 2005
An inside reference to the genitalia of one, Jacob. This is due to the fact that said non-circumcised penis suspiciously resembles a thumb, sans the nail. Upon closer examination (a daunting task in and of itself) this third 'thumb' is quite grotesque and awkwardly suited for aural insertion. Beans are meat.
Pineapple. Thumb. Hooked Pickle.
by Traust May 19, 2008
verb, done 1)to a frisbee in the act of throwing it, or 2)to a book, to scan or speedread it.
1)dude, thumb me the frisbee!

2)i'm thumbing through my history book for the test, but i think i'm gonna flunk.
by Brah123 December 26, 2005
A wooden monkey with only one thumb.
"Thumbs fell off the ledge and broke a thumb off"
by Joel January 09, 2004
A very funny, very good looking, rugged type male, with thumb like qualities and tendancies toward arrogance and poor driving skills. Also known for his excessive blinking and oil. It is usually easy to tell when he has been eating, especially powdered donuts. Can be located by performing a thumb-scan.
Ali: where is thumbkin where is thumbkin?
Thumb: here i am! here i am!
by shrew February 03, 2005
a very stupid and ignorant asshole who always thinks he's right
by Anonymous June 29, 2003
English A little Girl Who Sucks Her Thumb
Angelica sucks her thumb thats why she is a thumb
by Caca February 27, 2005

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