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the only thing on megan fox that doesnt turn my penis into 3 inches of pure concrete.
oh man i was totally going to spank it to transformers 2, until i saw...the thumbs.
by ZBreezy June 28, 2009
1.the only thing, besides your penis, that's in your hands right now.
2. apparently it is a weapon (see the movie WANTED)
oh bro could you hold my keyboard for me? no, not that the other thing.
by ZBreezy June 28, 2009
the only man on this planet who can get me errect, solely on his ability to beat the living shit out of another man.
dude, is that chuck lidell fighting? Excuse me while i go touch myself.
by ZBreezy June 28, 2009
that thing that you watch, after paying 5$ then sit in your room crying about what you did.
and yes, your parents will see, "Chezkelsovokian Virgins Unleashed 34" on the bill.
Dude im bored, i guess ill watch On Demand before mom and dad get home.
by ZBreezy June 28, 2009
an excuse for grown men to sip upon the tender breast of articfical milk through a bottle.
As John played "world of warcraft" on his computer in his mom's basement he secretly licked baby formula through a fake nipple.
by ZBreezy June 28, 2009
a cheap drink intended for the use of the african-american community due to its "cheap-ass-ness"
Ay yo fool, holla at cha boi and hit me wit some kool aid.
by ZBreezy June 28, 2009

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