An expression meaning 'good for you'.
Moron: I killed your mom last night. Uhhuhuhuhuh.
You: Thumbs.
by Tails December 31, 2003
(verb) Using a finger to push a small object into your buttocks.
ED: "Hey Randy how can we make this ecstasy really kick in?"
RANDY: "I say we thumb it!"
by Effthis1906 April 01, 2010
To "like" something on facebook. Telling someone that you like something doesn't necessairly mean that you liked it on the book, but saying "I thumbed that" doesn't need clarification.
Dude, I thumbed that last night

He obviously posted that thinking that everyone would thumb it. They didn't. What a bad athumbtion.

She thumbed everything on my wall. It was a freakin thumbderstorm!
by DowntownDBrizzown November 24, 2010
verb. The act of entering information into your smartphone to send a text, email or update a contact.
"Thumb me the details"
"I'll thumb that to you right now"
by Fificlub April 20, 2012

To hitchhike

Possibly regional. Used in NE MA in the 70's.
Peggy and I are gonna thumb to the beach tomorrow.
by Tharnpheffa September 02, 2011
damn you people who dont know what a thumb is...a thumb is a FINGER, it is also a DIGIT as well as all of your other fingers/digits, they are all the same...i find it sad that all of you losers dont know what a damn thumb!
i have five fingers...index, middle, ring, pinkey, and THUMB!
by FuckAnarchy907 June 03, 2006
Noun: Sitting on your Thumbs, having nothing to do. Giving you Shit to work on. Doing nothing at all.
Mr. Rutten, The coon
by Dan December 15, 2004
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