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To heavily cream yourself
gabe huged alyssa and splooged in his pants
by dufa July 22, 2006
when someone shoves their thumb into a pleasurable area.
nick and steve thumbed anut mar's coochie
by dufa October 12, 2006
when a huge bear like human sleeps for 19 consecutive hours
when gabe hibernates its like he's in a coma
by dufa January 16, 2007
to shove your tool into a girls dirty snatch
gabe wants to plumb michelle
by dufa January 10, 2007
whens someone clogs your toilets 2 times
dez dufa'd in grizz's toilet and make chuck plunged his shit
by dufa January 16, 2007
a filthy crusty smelly twat
gabe snacked on natalie's snatch
by dufa January 10, 2007
person who hits his 2 best friends til there are unconscience and then take full advantage of them in a bear rape
chilli knocked me out then knocked me up
by dufa January 04, 2008

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