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A Hug you give your home boys that begins with a high five pulling him closer to you and patting his back.
A thug hug isn't gay. It just symbolizes how close you two are.
#thug #hug #home boy #gangsta #gangster
by Sholom22 December 19, 2006
When your girl knows you is a Thug or ex-Thug but you still show her that affection n love. She constantly wants to be in your arms cause she feels safe in them and loves that you can still hold it down out there on those STREETS, yet come home and treat her right.
Girl: I really miss them Thug Hugs.
Thug: I be outchea on these streets handling some bidness, I'll holla at you later.
#embrace #thug #hug #vanessa #mim
by MACE MIMS November 03, 2012
Giving your friend (this is for mainly black people) a hug/ pat on the back while you do it, which lasts for about 1 second
Matt : yo jake didnt rat me out to the teacher.
daniel: that deserves a real thug hug, man.
#thug #thug hug #homie hug #thgu hug #bro hug #thug hgu
by 4 stocked February 06, 2015
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