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Dulce Maria is a very beautiful and talented Mexican Soap Opera Actress in Rebelde and Singer in her band RBD
Dulce Maria is so hot and talented hopefully she never sells out.
by Sholom22 February 08, 2006
A Hug you give your home boys that begins with a high five pulling him closer to you and patting his back.
A thug hug isn't gay. It just symbolizes how close you two are.
by Sholom22 December 19, 2006
The theory that any two subjects on the wikipedia are connected in some way by clicking on the links of the articles.
An example of the six degrees of wikipedia would be something like going from Kevin Bacon to Entertainment Weekly to Sean Connery etc, etc.
by Sholom22 November 07, 2006
When a team or person collapse towards the end of their game when they had the lead.The term comes from billiards when a person is about to win but can't make the 8 ball in.
The 2004 Yankees were choking on the 8 ball when they were unable to put the Red Sox away.
by Sholom22 June 14, 2006
A person that despite is fat can play sports very well and sometimes even better than the average athletes.
Person #1 : Whoa Ryan can sure run fast for a fat person

Person #2: Yea no kidding he's a world class fathlete
by sholom22 September 19, 2006

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