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serious term of abuse (even stronger than "armpit"), but suitable for use in polite company where the target individual is not just a fool, but an annoying fool.
"you THRUSH!"
"why thrush??"
I'll explain in private....
"because you are an irritating cunt."
by Chris P December 10, 2004
A contagious disease of female genitals caused by a fungus, Candida albicans.
My cunt has a thrush infection.
by SinisterFootwear February 02, 2005
a woman who gets on ur nerves
shes an irritable cunt
by the foxys May 24, 2002
A family of songbirds known for their singing abilities. Includes the bluebirds, nightingales, robins, and many more.
Oh look! A wood thrush!
by Korora April 04, 2004
A name for someone who is an irritating cunt
Shut the fuck up and quit pestering me darling you're being a thrush right now
by Nikita Majic April 03, 2011
1. (verb) To move in a disjointed, uneven way, sometimes through the air

2. (verb) To leave abruptly, to "thrush away"
The bird thrushed through the air.

"Long now, the last thrush is still." - Robert Penn Warren

"Thrush away now James."
by Kate314159 February 16, 2012
Irritating cunt that you can't get rid of.
You're a fucking thrush! Only a fool would not understand!
by EmilioLyubomir March 17, 2014
A way to say "sick" or "cool", its a badass word
1.Dude I just got these Thrush shoes
2. You think your Thrush, but your not.
by Fc + SSA June 07, 2010