A spin off of the phrase "do work"; to do work.
Kresten needs to throw down in the game today

Anthony threw down and score 4 goals!
by Christian T April 06, 2008
to spend money
I threw down fourty dollars when the bill came last night
by Dog May 17, 2002
verb ( past: threw down | past part. thrown down)
1 {trans.} contribute (something) to be consumed
2 {trans.} be exceptionally good at or proficient in an activity or subject
• you hardly threw down on this blunt, homes | this DJ can throw down | your pants make me want to throw down on that ass

1 - chip in, pitch in, fork out, shell out, cough up, kick in, ante up, pony up.

2 - break one off, fuck shit up, tear shit up, bust it, bring it, get freaky, turn it out, get down, work it, own, pwn
by Will Goodwin March 05, 2008
Aggression towards another. Derived from throw down the gauntlet during the age of knights, carried into the wild west to refer to gunslinger fights, and now can be mixed into every form of aggressive behavior towards another individual or individuals.
You gonna stand there looking stupid, or are you gonna throw down?
by sqitso August 12, 2009
To get involved in something, either suddenly or much more seriously than you were previously. This can be used in the context of many situations, including paying for something, having sex, or most commonly, to fight.
"Shit, we don't have enough cash to get in. Okay, everybody throw down."

1-"You wanna start something?"
2-"Fuck this, I'm throwing down on this fool."
by The BXRabbit September 28, 2008
The PROPER word to define vomitting.
Because if you throw up, then it'll be all up in the air.
by Carlito October 23, 2004
To have a party with alcohol, drugs, etc.
"Yo bro, lets throw down this weekend lets go get stuff
by awyssa faye November 02, 2010
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