Used to define when hardcore kids dance to hardcore music. Often kicking and punching. Spin kicking, etc.
"man look at this kid throwdown"
"thats one mad throwdown"
by skunt baby relish eater January 24, 2005
To do a DJ set or mix
"I threw down a set last night at this party and rocked the spot
by Ged Carroll November 22, 2003
to fight;beat up;get whooped
julie:me and dis hoe bout to throw it down afta school,you comin through?
friend: fo sho iam comin that hoes bout to get whooped!!
by julie October 08, 2004

1. to show sumone wassup in a fight

2. put in money to cap bud or drugz
1. throw it down homeboii...
2. nigga throw down at least 10 dollarz so0 we can cap a gerb
by NATALIE July 16, 2004
(a) party
(b) fight
(c) drink
(a) it's halloween bro. i want to party, let's throw down!
(b) that epic douche kept txting my girlfriend, so we had to throw down.
(c) she was only like 100lbs, but we had some beers last night and she could really throw down!
by Charity Jule October 30, 2009
A weapon carried by police officers so they can plant it on unarmed suspects they have killed. (noun)
When they found out the suspect was holding his wallet, not a pistol, the police used a "throw down" to make the shooting appear justified.
by john November 17, 2003
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