When a cell phone company causes your phone to receive data at an incredibly slow speed as a means of forcing you to use less bandwidth and data. It is reported that AT&T and Verizon are among the companies that engage in this practice.
"AT&T just throttled his phone 'cause he's using too much bandwidth."
by technorobert February 25, 2012
Top Definition
Throttle means both the accelerator part of the engine(or something) and to physically strangle a person without using any items. Gripping them from the throat and squeezing.
Charles throttled Annie because she was a bitch.
by The wise one August 10, 2004
The act of cuasing injury to a victim or otherwise cuasing harm. Normally done with blunt objects or with bare hands. Throttling is a common act among gangsters. See also Pwn and smash
"You get any closer to my computer and I'm going to throttle you!"
by Kazyan July 12, 2006
To engage in the act of hardcore and strenuous fucking.
Adam saw Craig throttling the shit out of this bitch!!!
by Big EL June 09, 2005
Another word for getting into a fight or asking for a fight.
Wanna throttle bro?
by A Guy On Planet Earth May 31, 2015
To have sex at a very high high tempo. Often involves pain endured by the female.
I wanna throttle a minor tonight.
by Lowitman19994 February 26, 2014
To yell at and/or scold and individual.
My wife is going to throttle me tomorrow when she finds out about this! Oh well.
by zachnnn March 20, 2007
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