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Surf term for consequences of whiping out on a wave. Usually means being slammed against reef, rock or sand and being held down for a long period of time.
Lakey Peak was so big it was closing out the channel. Guys were taking off late and just getting throttled!
by fat girls need love too! June 24, 2005
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To choke someone Homer Simpson style.
Larry, do you want to get throttled? if not, STFU.
by Scrb31 September 17, 2007
A word that originated in Southeastern Mi. during the year of 2009 in a city called Warren. Members of a notorious group Known only as "the squad" were believed to have created this definition. Throttled - (adj) is a state of mind of being upset with ones current situation, being depressed or having a feeling of uselessness
Guy- bro what happened with you and K-Legs?

Guy2- hissss we broke up bro I'm Throttled as fuck right now!
by Nawizzz July 15, 2010
a word invented late at night on a famed fold out couch. it means whatever the hell you want it to mean. bitches! possible definitions:
drunk off yo assssssss
gettin slanged by the poo slangaz, if you dont know, you betta axe yo granpappy, cuz he got slanged all up on his goochinator.
hudson was castrated as a child, and sadly therefore can never get throttled.
by grizzle my nizzle February 29, 2004
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