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Informal way to say United States of America.
I'm from the states.
by zachnnn April 28, 2007
A twenty-two caliber pistol. Similar to fofo.
Packin' a two-two, just incase somone starts some static.
by zachnnn March 23, 2007
Somebody who buys narcotics from a drug dealer. Opposite of a hustler.
"Im a Hustla’s Hustla, A Pusher’s Pusher
You a busta, a customer, I get you some cook"
-Fat Joe
by zachnnn March 20, 2007
The act of wearing high waters.
*nerd walks by wearing high waters*

Yo, check out that nerd! I bet he's preparing for the flood!
by zachnnn February 03, 2007
to sit/chill/talk/eat etc. somewhere
I'm gonna go bench it at Trevors house later.
by zachnnn April 29, 2007
Refers to when a situation has returned to normal or there is a state of neutrality. (As opposed to upside down)

Syn. : proper
Did you hear that Joe stole John's bike?
Yeah that shit's upside up now- John gave Joe an eye jammy, so it's all good.
by zachnnn May 10, 2007
During a game of basketball, when a defender attempts to block a shot by jumping in the air but the shooter still makes it. Since the ball came up from the chest and was shot in the air, it therefore was "in your eyes," but was failed to be blocked. Generally from the three point line, and swished.
John attempts to block in midair, but Mark makes it anyways and says "In your eyes!"
by zachnnn April 19, 2007

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