2 hands, 1 mouth, 3 cocks
this girl ran one crazy three ring circus on spring break
by jbez April 08, 2008
Top Definition
A combination of oral, vaginal, and anal sex, possibly culminating in a poop chute riot.
'So I heard you were hanging out with Susan last night. Did you take her to the three ring circus?' ::nudge::
by Johnny Ashcan January 07, 2010
When a woman has rings in each of her labia and the hood of her clitoris.
That girl has a three ring circus!
by LustyMartin August 16, 2010
A girl that has a nice face,ass and breasts. Basically, she has the whole package.
Did you see that chick, she was like a three ring circus.
by mob rat July 26, 2005
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